August 13, 2022

About Getting Money Wise

A 20 something’s attempt at making sense of personal finance and helping others like him do the same. Over the years, the blog has expanded coverage in distilling personal finance information across many areas including saving money through frugal means, managing & consolidating debt, understanding various types of insurance including auto insurance & home insurance and a relatively new but very interesting area of helping small businesses make the most of the money available to help their business grow
Looking back, the blog has gone through various phases,
2008 – Getting Money Wise starts out as free blog hosted on The content is very thin with very little regard for grammar or formatting. Coverage for the most part involved my personal experiments with investing money in stock markets and rants about the concept of money
2009 – As professional responsibilities take over, the blog languishes for the most part with one off articles on interesting news pieces and Indian stock market coverage
2010 – Despite a very unprofessional approach to building a blog, the blog does take off with a search engines sending a healthy dose of traffic with no SEO efforts whatsoever. Turns out, writing purely for the human reader is not that bad an idea. This is where I decided to invest in a self-hosted solution and take the blog a little more seriously. The move to a self-hosted blog was also driven in part by increasing number of advertisers wanting to engage with the blog’s audience
2011 – As the blog grew, more and more requests started coming in from global advertisers & personal finance bloggers alike. In what would end up being a life changing moment for the blog, Getting Money Wise starts coverage on topics such as debt consolidation especially credit card debt management, frugal living etc. The move triggers a step change in the blog’s traffic with the worldwide audience becoming an addressable market
2012-2013 – A slow period as I burn the midnight oil trying to ace my MBA courses. Advertiser interest however continued to remain high helping me pay off the hosting bills. The
Early 2014 – A dark period in the blog’s life as I struggled to keep the blog online amidst hacking attempts, hosting server failures and such. The blog was offline for a good 1-2 months which had catastrophic impact as a Google decides to decrease the page rank and basically kills the organic traffic
Late 2014 – The blog starts getting back on it’s feet with a site re-design and a new hosting provider. ‘Content’ helps restore back Getting Money Wise in the eyes of Big ‘G’ and organic traffic starts climbing up.
2015 – With Traffic numbers jumping to 2011 levels, I am also in the process of re-thinking the blog’s strategy right from design, content and other interesting things that I can do to make Getting Money Wise a simple yet useful resource for all things personal finance. Have ideas/suggestions? Please let me know at
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