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July 4, 2022

2 thoughts on “Creating Your Emergency Fund

  1. I like how you are straightforward about the difficulty in creating an emergency fund. Its difficult, there are just so many things yearning for a piece of our income that we may think why bother with an emergency fund. I think though its crucial, it gives you peace of mind and a boldness that spurs you to take bold moves with your life because you have a cushion in case things go wrong. So as difficult as it is to save for an emergency fund, one ought to start, however small.
    Great post

  2. Thanks for your comment Simon! I couldn’t agree more, even though i am pretty young to think retirement but i still feel bad for not developing a discipline for money management earlier, would have helped me reduce the student loan burden to a great extent.

    PS: Love your blog, you have a new subscriber

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