August 13, 2022

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Tata Group: Mr.Tata, Would You Please Let Me Blog

  1. Tata indicom sucks in chennai, i remember those college days when we had to literally persuade them with 15 connections  to install it in our area and they took 2 months.
    Go for YOU telecom if it is available in CH , its surprisingly good ūüôā

  2. Hi Ridhav, I can't agree more!!! Luckily I had airtel in college!!! The place i put up in does not have airtel as of now.
    its about time the so called biggies take notice of their products.Never expected this from the TATA group.The customer service has pissed me to extent that i cant even express.
    Will appreacite you spreading the word through whichever means!!! Hope it reaches the right place

  3. Well there is no need to cry over such issues You always have the option to switch ur ISP.

  4. Hi Chinmay,
    Do you think i wrote it because of that.Its a no brainer that i can change my ISP(its another matter that i dont have any decent ISP's in my area)
    The point here is whether we are ready to accept what is given to us.Its bout time we stand for what we want, its the same as "the govt is bad,but i wont still vote". So,all i am trying to do with this to create awareness and a possible message that no matter how big the business is, the customer shouldn be taken for a ride.
    Appreciate you taking the time for dropping a comment, but i don't and can't agree with you.Not if it means to accept and take injustice!!! Whteva happened with 'Jago grahak Jago'.Hope u saw the ad series

  5. Hi,
    I agree with ur views that "<span style="color: #404040; ">no matter how big the business is, the customer shouldn be taken for a ride. <span style="color: #000000; ">", but the situation here is more related to poor service of Tata Indicom in ur perticular area. if u feel that customer care is not upto the mark, you always have the option to meet the higher authorities personally n complain them. </span></span>
    Ultimately it is a consumer market and for a problem like this we cannot blame the whole company. (for crash of ur windows OS u dont go n complain bill gates). Its good that you try to highlight the problem on a public forum but this languuage of "Open letter to Tata<span style="color: #a20204; "><span style="color: #000000; ">" seems a bit harsh.Its a poor work from Tata indicom – chennai only.</span></span>

  6. Chinmay, Glad you atleast agreed on something:D
    As for the blaming the whole company instead of a particular vendor, belive me i have knocked on all doors that the Chennai Customer Support asked me to.Infact, i have had run downs with the chennai head of operations where none of my emails gauranteed a response.
    Interesting you mentioned Bill Gates.It sure as hell is tru that i dont go on complaining, because i cant expect him to open and read my mail.Thats where the social platforms come to play their part(blogs,twitter).It is my way of expressing my angst since a personal contact without any results only added to more by venting out my opinions,i atleast have bought it out, and is it not generating opinions
    Negative/Positive but still its the view point that matters.And the tiny bits add up to a big thing.If Chennai +my area is a problem TATA Indicom sure needs to be told about it.How on earth can they claim to be a national/global cumpany.
    The title might seem a little harsh but then it probably does not scale up to the uncomfort that has been caused.
    PS:: I have more than one confirmations of another victims of TATA Indicom service other than chennai.So,it is a matter of service overall

  7. Guest,
    Its bad luck for sure.But, then the good thing is that writing about it did take a lot off my chest.Moreover,it helped me feel connected to the blog again.
    I finally have overcome the writer's block and have some good draft posts ready.Should be able to be more regular with the posts now.Feel free to subscribe and did i say, i love knowing the real names of my visitors:D

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