July 4, 2022

3 thoughts on “Investing is all about + – * / ,But knowing When To Use What!!

  1. I am so relieved to see a sensible post without technical charts.. jargons or any such stuffs. You have really kept it simple and at same time making complete sense with it.
    Keep the good work coming.
    Acestockalerts Team

  2. Hi Shankar,
    Thanks a lot for liking the no non-sense article around here!!! To be frank,i myself dont understand too much of the charts and stuff, so cant write about them anywas:D
    But yes,i think the essence of long term investing can be derived in very simple terms
    PS:: I would suggest you change your twitter handle or make one human kind. Acestockalerts looks like a bot and wont get u too much traction on twitter:D I wouldn have followed you if you had'nt commented here:D

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