July 4, 2022

3 thoughts on “Its raining discounts in the M&A Space!!!

  1. hello ankit good one..yaar…but in the end u know that aprt from these deals idia accounts for only 1% of global M&A….actually it is just .8% to be precise……till september M&A value was around 3 Trillioj USD..out of ewhich india accounted for a meagre 26 billion USD…

    and one more thing macha..in the end somewhere u have mentioned theR RELIGARE ENTERPRISE value at around 50 BILLION USD….u sure??

  2. Lotus AMC was formed by Rana Talwar of SABRE Capital and Fullerton Fund of Singapore…..Ajay Bagga was its CEO…….

    Thefund had suffered 1/3 depreciation in its assets in past 2 months asnd was severly facing Reedemption pressures…….Ajay Bagga was having back against wall..experts have been sayig this….

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