September 21, 2021

5 thoughts on “Is US the the most dominant chain of the Eco(nomy)sytem?

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    Glad you liked the content here.As far as the personalisation goes,i don have a choice since i am not a master at finance/economy:-)
    anywas will definetly look forward to urs.
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  3. i think question itself would have been a jumbled answer( if your remove is at the beginning and put it after US)……..

    and may be still it holds but the world is facing at present the Winds of Change……
    But still U.S is regarded as the world’s biggest DEBTOR and China as world’s biggest creditor::

    They say whne the DOW sneezes whole world would catch cold.

    To an extent it is true also….america for decades has been a luxuriant sort of ecnonomy which feeds on credit… market and capitalist regime( which is in shambles now adays)…this has also to do with the dominant position of $ as deposit reserve currency …imagine an economy of 13 Trillion Dollars……13 times the size of our economy…definitely it would call the shots….What markets are facing today is a result of some unregulated system which has run into excessess….last time it happned in 1907 when J.Pierpont Morgan intervened and then 1908 was one of the best years for U.S Stock markets….thought peopple are comparing it to the G.E.D but the scale of G.E.D was far bigger….unemployment rate soared to 25% at that time…..and industrial production plummetted to its lowest levels…..

    The thing is that now along with U.S there are other big powerhouses also ( U.K , Japan, E.U, China) ….but still U.S matters a lot and in past 8-9 months it has been proved…

    Regarding Prof. C.K Prahlad’s ” Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” …This book is not about finding alternative to U.S but to find consumers which are just above Poverty line or low middle class…it aims at making organizations more Lean, developing new business strategies, finding new marketing methods to hit in till nwo uncovered areas……it challenges organizations to produce goods which are affordable to majority population in 3 world countries and at the same time maintain quality…….

    it says that CSR does not mean squandering profits and doing charity…it means Volume play….

    i am sure that U.S would for some time still remain the powerhouse of World Economic and financial it is a guzzler…..

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