July 4, 2022

7 thoughts on “US Rejects the 700 Billion $ BailOut Package!!!What’s in store for the Indian Markets

  1. If you time this market it might be short term and you have to play wisely. thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi,tapan
    Thanks for dropping in but i guess you have mentioned something that is as debatable as it gets “Timing the Market”
    The way i see it ,it is not possible to time the market whosoever it may be.

  3. George Bush today succeded in getting another Liquidity injection for falling U.S Financial system and Equity Markets, worldwide by pushing the Senate to approve the Mega Bailout plan of U.S.D 700 Billion.But question which arises now is that for how long markets can sustain the momentum which it gains by this news……Today's scenario is of DOOM and Gloom….Markets are quick to latch onto any and every bad news but the shelf life of a Good news is hardly a day and then again market succumbs…..

    i think that indian markets showed tremendous Resilience last time by rising after DJIA and NASDAQ recorded plummetting …..Crude also fell by about 6 U.S.D…..so all in all this news, Nuclear Deal going through, falling Crude may bring some respite for emerging markets in general and India in particular. but again their is Fear and that is one of the biggest factors for low volumes as people are not ready to pick anything……..Q2 results will also start from next week….I.T companies are expected to report robust Bottomlines on account of rising Dollar…but the scenario ahead for I.T is a bit troublesome according to latest GARTNER report which mentions that I.T contract are expected to fall upto 30%……
    but till now indian I.T has also shown that it can sustain business in toughest of environments when dollar reached sub 40 levels…..lets hope this time also it would come unscathed…….

    lets wait for Friday…i am sure it would not be RED but would be BLUE>…

  4. Realty major DLF to announce buyback plan worth 1100 crores next week……..good chance for people who entered at around 500 levels….if buyback price is announced near that price….

  5. I liked this article that was published in The Hindu by Shyam. Here is the link
    Btw, have responded to your comment on my blog 😀

  6. Gosh !! Look at yestaerday’s quote of UNITECH. I bought at Rs 50 thinking I made a killing, and within minutes it was 39 !! I bought again at 34 – and voila – it sank to 28 !! Is my investment down teh drain ????

  7. hi deepak,
    i can understnd ur sentiment but then “Stocks are more unpredictable than blonde women”.
    Though i would say that you have made a killing by buying UNITECH around these levels.
    Unitech s in deep waters cos of some heavy payment defaults and also the current global crisis.
    This stock s a part of Indian realty growth story,with unitech grande shaping up nicely,the long term angle is still good for untiech.
    PS:i am holding unitech at 250 levels man:-)

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