Do You Have the "Bucket-List" Ready?

The Bucket List“,for those who are’n the so called Hollywood movie buff’s ,it is a movie which includes power-packed performance by Gene Heckman and the Amitabh Bacchan of Hollywood-Morgan Freeman(PS:Some people would call it otherwise ,but then i am an Indian,so:-) )
But,what has that gotta do with the genre of my blog-Investments.It sure has or i would not mention it here.
The movie is about two guys ,both diagnosed of cancer and a short time to live.As it says, Morgan Freeman’s Professor in college talked about preparing the “Bucket List”
Bucket List is a list of things we would wanna do before we kick the bucket or rather die.The movie is about having the desire to fulfill the bucket list.And it is just that with awe-inspiring and thought provoking moments.
Now,i hope the Bucket-List is clear.Now,the Investment part.making a bucket-list is a good exercise but should’, we be all geared up to fulfill the same.In the movie there was a rich guy and a not-so rich guy.This made both of them fulfill their desires,but life ain’t no movie.So,the way i see it i want to be able to fulfill my Bucket-List myself.
The exercise of Bucket-List might seem foolish or rather a time-pass thing.But,believe me when i set out to write my Bucket-List as soon as i finished the movie(It was 2:30 in night:-)) ,i was shocked to realise that there are so many things i want to do but on an after thought i rejected some since they felt impractical (being the owner of ,Become the President of India and stuff).So,then i thought and started building on the real practical one’s and though difficult i feel that they are achievable.
Now,having a bucket-list will do one thing for sure.It will give you a direction to your finance Planning.Finance Planning though overlooked is the most important aspect of any Investment Strategy.
As some wise guy has said,
Investment without Finance Planning is like Rocket-Science,You go 10 times faster but you don’t know where.
Having a Bucket-List and pondering over it will surely give a direction to the place we need to reach with our Investments.And even though the bucket-list might include things that might become un-realistic or out of reach at some point of time,it still helps.
“Try reaching the stars,you will at least reach the Sky”
So,guys get your bucket-list ready and gear up with your Investment Strategies to fulfill the same.
Watch out for the next post,I will put up my Bucket-List here.
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By the time,if any of you have a Bucket-List ready please share it and i will be glad to put it here.
Anyone thinks that this Bucket-List is as good as watching a movie and forget it, please share it here.
Till then , Happy Investing !