The title might seem strange,but strangely enough it is the need of the hour(atleast for ppl who wanna dream of OPULENCE as an achievable dream).But why i got about writing this.Simple enough,i am a MARWARI:-).The (M) signifying MONEY and obviously as we are mostly called(Maha-kanjuus).I am not going to justify myself on the latter because there’s no need to.This term was probably coined by some people who dont know a thing bout money-saving and money-making.Maru’s might be a bit hesitant to be termed as Spendthrifts but they aren STINGY,and i can vouch for that on behalf of the whole maru clan for that matter.But,to share the irony, i am(was) probably the worse marwari around who never knew the meaning of SAVING.It is only after sometime that the ancestral blood kicked in,and i started coming back on the path to jusitfy myself being a Maru.
And the results have been amazing by any standards.The best lesson i have learned in the past 6 months or so is
So,to get money wise we need to value the money we have,and therefore ,saving it is the first step to have our money work for us!!!!!